Inventory Express doesn't have a "Print" menu option.  That's because any predefined "report" or "list" would necessarily be limited to the width of a sheet of paper, and would contain a limited amount of data.

But it's easy to print your inventory using the "Export" menu option.  And in doing so, you can choose to print any portion of your inventory, including exactly the fields you want, in the order you want.

  1. If you only want to print part of your inventory, choose the set of items you want to print using "Filter." (Either the button, or from the main menu.)

  2. Select the order in which you want your items to print using any of the "Sort" options. (Click on a Grid Heading, or use "Custom Sort.")

  3. Select "Export Data" from the main menu.

  4. On the "Select Fields" tab, follow the on-screen instructions to select which fields you want to print, and the order in which you wish to print them.

  5. Click on the "Export" tab and select the format/program you'd like to print from:  XLS (print from Microsoft Excel), or HTM (print from Microsoft Word, or your preferred web browser).

  6. Click "Export Data to File" and to choose where to save the file and what to name it.

If you've chosen to export to Excel, just open the file you've saved in Excel.  There you'll have many options for selecting font size, colors, column widths, etc.

If you've chosen to export to a HTM file, you can open the file in Microsoft Word or in any web browser. MS Word provides more robust printing options and allows you to change fonts, apply formatting, choose pagination, etc.  Essentially it will let you print the inventory list you've exported in any way you like.