A few helpful tips on adding photos to your items in inventory Express:

  • Inventory Express creates two versions of each picture you drag-and-drop into an item.  The first  version is converted to JPG format (if necessary) and is saved at its original size.  It is used only if you've selected "Personal Website" on the Options screen. This version will upload to your own website, and will allow you to view full-screen images on-line.  If you plan on using the "Personal Website option, you will want to drag and drop pictures already in a web-appropriate size.  1024x768 is probably plenty.  

    The second copy is reduced in size for use within the program and for an online collection or store hosted by Inventory Express. If you've selected "Hosted by Inventory Express" on the options screen, the size of the pictures you add to images doesn't matter.

  • Photos taken with modern digital cameras and smartphones contain "Orientation" data as to the position of the device when the program was taken.  Both Windows File Explorer and Inventory Express read this data and will orient your pictures accordingly. If your picture appears rotated incorrectly in File Explorer, you'll need rotate and save it in any photo-editing program before using it with IE.

  • Very occasionally you may run into a .jpg that's been saved in a non-standard format, that won't display at all in the IE picture box. Should that happen, just open the original image in any photo-editor, re-save it, and import it into IE again.

Inventory Express will accept any of the image formats below, and will convert the copies it creates into JPG's:


Windows Bitmap


Device Independent Bitmap


Graphics Interchange Format


Joint Photographic Experts Group 


PC Paintbrush


Portable Network Graphics


Adobe Photoshop


Tagged Image File Format


Windows Metafile