Inventory Express was designed to be a straightforward, easy-to-use program with a minimal learning curve. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles -- and that's intentional.  

The goal is a system that provides toy train collectors a practical, powerful tool to hold all the important data about the items in their collection, while still being easy to navigate for the tech-savvy and computer-challenged alike.

Getting Started - suggested steps:

  1. Check out the sample item: One "sample" item (a Lionel 700E) comes pre-loaded when you first install the software.  Take a quick look and see what's entered in each of the fields.  When you're ready, you can delete the 700E, or just change the fields and pictures to reflect a real item in your collection.

  1. Explore what Inventory Express can do:  I suggest you browse through the help topics (it won't take long) to get an idea of the various options and features available.

  1. More than one computer: Do you want to use Inventory Express from multiple computers?  See: Network Installation.

  1. Plan your inventory:  Take a look at the Inventory Express Field List and Predefined Dropdown Values.  If you have additional information you'd like to record about each inventory item, you can activate one or more of the User-Defined Fields.

  1. Import: If you have an existing inventory in Excel, Access, etc., Inventory Express allows you to import that data.  

  2. Add Photos: Check out Collection Photo Tips for hints on adding pictures to items.

  1. Your inventory on-line: Want to view your inventory from any computer, tablet or smart-phone on-line?  See: Web Features Enabled.

  2. Create an on-line store page: Have some items in your collection you'd like to sell?  See: Store Options.

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