All of the features necessary to display your collection in searches on your own website are included with this program.  However, in order to do so, the web applets, databases and images must be uploaded to a web server with dBase Plus capabilities, and linked with hyper-links on your personal website.  

Or, your collection and photos can be uploaded and accessed on-line via the Inventory Express website (see below).

The Upload to Web command under the Tools menu will upload your collection photos, as well as all necessary files to the FTP server and directory you've specified in on the Web Features section of the Options page.

Inventory Express Online Collection

Web Features Enabled

Checking this box enables the Inventory Express on-line features. If you're not planning to install a searchable database of your collection on-line, checking the box to enable this option will simply create a web-friendly sized version (800 px in the largest dimension) of each picture in the IMAGES directory.  These have the letter "l" after the Item Number in the file name.

Personal Website -or- Hosted by Inventory Express

  • Personal Website: Choosing "Personal Website" will cause the Upload to Web function to upload your inventory, pictures and search pages to a location on your personal website.  With this option enabled, you will need to fill out the details for your FTP server (see below).  

    The active collection web pages require an ISP that supports dBase applications -- or dBase applications enabled on a Virtual Private Server.  If you need assistance enabling dBase applets on your personal website or Virtual Private server, email for further information.

    The URL to access your uploaded Collection pages is in the format: 


The FTP fields are only available if you have selected "Personal Website."  Host Name, User Name, Password, Root Directory and Port Number are the normal details you use to upload content to your website. 

None of these details are necessary when your online collection is hosted by Inventory Express.

  • Hosted by Inventory Express: This button is only enabled if you've subscribed to On-line Collection Hosting.

    For a modest annual fee, you can subscribe to Inventory Express On-line Collection Hosting, which will allow you to upload your inventory and pictures to your own folder on the inventory Express website. With that feature enabled, you can access your personalized inventory web page, with search and display functions,  from any laptop or mobile device. If you've subscribed, enable this feature on the Web Features section of the Options page.

    The URL to access your uploaded Collection pages is :[IE ID Number]. For instance, "

Page Title

This title will appear as the heading on your online search page.

With "Web Features Enabled," the following fields will display in each item in your online collection:

  • All Photos
  • Company
  • Model #
  • Item
  • Number
  • Road Name
  • Era
  • Years
  • Wheels
  • Gauge
  • Power
  • Location
  • Features
  • Notes