It is possible to re-arrange the order of columns in the grid to whatever best suits your needs, by holding down the left mouse button on any grid heading, and dragging it to the desired order on the grid.

Likewise, you can resize the width of any column by moving the cursor over any grid column border (the cursor will change to a double-arrow), then holding down the left mouse button to change the column width.

Selecting the "Custom" radio button under Grid Order, Inventory Express will save your column order and width changes, and restore them each time you use the program.

To restore the original Grid column order and widths, select the "Default" radio button.

Even if you've used "Default" to restore the original grid layout, selecting "Custom" again will return the Grid layout to your last saved custom settings.

Your current Custom Grid layout is saved each time you close Inventory Express with the "Custom" radio button selected.